David. 18. Texas. Founded July 12, 2012. This is a Teen Wolf appreciation blog, but mostly a Colton Haynes appreciation blog. Let's be real. I love it when you guys talk to me! Link to my ask is just a few hundred pixels south if you don't mind.


Anonymous asked
do you know who that girl was in the latest pic u put up? xx

Lucy Hale. Ex-gf. Or cover up.. hehe

Anonymous asked
even though i'm so jealous of Holland I think her and colton needs to get fuckin married or im gonna die. like seriously they're perfect together! JUST IMAGINE THEM BEING IN A REALATIONSHIP SO CUTE OMFG DYING ASDFGBH

I want them to get together too! So i can watch them fuck, then steal their genetically perfect ginger babies. 

Anonymous asked
do u know if colton is gay, bi or straight? x

I’ve seen pictures of him with an alleged boyfriend, and he is totally perf with Holland, so I’m going to go with bi, but I have no proof